At first, I had NO idea what the PiCAT was. Luckily, I found out before I had to goto MEPS and take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) Test. My youngest brother enlisted into the Marine Corps last year around the same time and he had mentioned to me that I should ask my recruiter about the PiCAT, which is what he took. PiCAT stands for “Pre-screening, internet-delivered Computer Adaptive Test”.

The PiCAT is an un-timed, un-proctored version of the ASVAB. You take the test at home on a computer and the results get sent to your recruiter when you complete the test. The best part about taking the PiCAT is that it counts as your ASVAB and you can keep your score when you goto MEPS so long as you pass the verification test. This means when you goto MEPS instead of taking the ASVAB, you will complete a short (maybe 30 minute long) test to verify you were the one who took the PiCAT (you didn’t cheat, etc). Most of the questions on the verification test, if not all of them, are the SAME exact questions from the PiCAT you took at home. If you fail the verification test, you will have to take the full ASVAB as soon as the verification test concludes. Don’t get too excited- there is a catch that your recruiter probably WILL NOT tell you. There is a SMALL percentage of people that are selected at random to take the full ASVAB regardless if they successfully passed their verification test as part of a study. Luckily I did not get selected to take the full ASVAB after I passed the verification test. I did get worried when the verification test was over and the screen said something along the lines of “You have completed part 1/8 of the ASVAB” and made me think it was about to roll over into the full test. When I hit the next button it then said I was finished (THANK SWEET BABY JESUS). I personally recommend taking the PiCAT versus the ASVAB. If anything it is a great practice test before you go take the ASVAB. So if you look at it that way, it can come in handy as a useful study tool as you can see which areas you really need to study in. I chose to take the PiCAT because I am a terrible test taker, a nervous wreck when taking tests. Being able to take it in the comfort of my own home without worrying about the time was great. It was a risk I was willing to take, going to MEPS not knowing if I was going to have to take the full ASVAB even if I passed the verification test. But I passed and it did not roll over. Reminder: Even though the PiCAT is taken at home, you still are NOT allowed to use a calculator. If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself. The test is designed to match you with jobs you would be successful at based on your knowledge. You will only be allowed a pencil and scratch paper at MEPS so stick to that at home if you take the PiCAT. If you have any questions drop a comment below!



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    1. Hi Wesley! I apologize for the extremely late response (I was at BMT!) I used a lot of practice tests I found off of google. I also bought an ASVAB for Dummies book that had tons of good info. Good luck!

  1. Hey. Thank you for the information! My graduation from highschool is next week and I’m trying to study for the asvab and it’s pretty hard for me to understand the math. I’m not great at certain parts of math like algebra. I even forgotten how to round to the nearest hundredths. What were some things you’ve study for like basic math? I get anxious and I get very frustrated easily. It’s pretty hard for me so I feel as if I’m going to fail the first try. I’ve never done the asvab test so yeah.

    1. Hi Lashona! When I took it last year, I hadn’t been in high school for seven years! So if I can do it I promise you can! One resource that really helped me was the “ASVAB for dummies” book. I bought it off amazon and it helped me relearn the basics. I struggle with math also, even when I was still in school. There’s also a website called khan academy that offers various free classes including math. Try not to stress too much and good luck!

  2. Hey thanks for the info! You said most of the questions were the same. Do you remember about how many weren’t?

    1. Hello! Unfortunately I do not offer any tutoring services. A couple good resources for studying are the book “ASVAB for Dummies” and also by downloading the free app Quizlet and searching for ASVAB. Good luck!

    1. Hi there! As far as I know and from my experience, the verification test is solely administered to those who take the PiCAT. When you goto MEPS, you will sit in a room full of computers like everyone else and take the test. Most of the people in there will be taking the full ASVAB. The verification test is administered to ensure that the person who took the PiCAT was indeed you. It’s ultimately to make sure that you didn’t cheat or have someone else take it for you. I’m not sure it is possible for you to obtain a higher score on your verification test, as you are just taking it to verify you were in fact the one who took the PiCAT. If you successfully pass the verification test, you will keep the scores you received on the PiCAT test. Hope this helps/answers your question!

  3. Hey!! So I wrote all my questions down (only because I thought at the end of the PICAT it would give me right and wrong answers but it didn’t) I’ve been going over my questions and just trying to study as much as I can. I know you said the questions are similar and the same… would It be best to just go over all the questions they have on quizlet and just write them all on notecards?? I got a 96 on my PICAT so I’m really trying to stay above waters. (And I didn’t cheat!! But my luck I’ll get some harder questions in my verification test lol)

    1. Hi!! In my experience, most of the questions were the same questions from the PiCAT BUT I would definitely study ALL of the topics in the event that you are chosen to do the whole ASVAB exam- a small percentage of people have their PiCAT verification test roll over into the full ASVAB exam. Luckily, this did not happen to me but I’ve known people who have had this happen and they end up doing very poorly because they only studied certain questions. Good luck!!

  4. Hello,
    I am taking my picat v-test soon. The question is, should I answer wrong again to the questions I answered wrong? I found out some of my answers were wrong after I got home and did some researches.

    1. Hi!
      I will be honest, I’m not completely sure how that affects your verification test. I know the main point of taking the test is to make sure you were, in fact, the person who took the PiCat. Your best bet would be to ask your recruiter this question! If it was me personally, I would try to answer the questions exactly how you did on your PiCat.

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