I was supposed to go to MEPS a couple weeks ago but due to illness my recruiter recommended we reschedule. I am now scheduled to go next Thursday July 12/13th. I have already since taken the ASVAB (in the form of the PiCAT- An un-proctored, un-timed version of the ASVAB which I found less stressful) and as long as I can pass a short verification test to prove I was truly the one who took it I can keep my score which was qualifying for the jobs I would like. I am hoping I do not have to reschedule this trip to MEPS again as I have been sick again *insert eye roll here*. Fingers crossed I am feeling better by Monday. The only good part about being sick is that I’ve gotten down to 170lbs finally so I’m hoping this is just God’s way of saying here’s a little help from me.

Learn more about the PiCAT here.