Yesterday I had my first Delayed Entry Program (DEP) Call. DEP Calls are mandatory once a month meetings or “check-ins” with your recruiting office and fellow Deppers. Usually you’ll do a sport activity or something within the community.

We were supposed to do PT at a park, but due to the weather we ended up just hanging out at our recruiting office and had the opportunity to chat with Airmen who were home on RAP (Recruiter Assistance Program) and had just graduated their tech schools. Luckily one was female so I picked her brain about her experience at Basic Training. The Call was short because the original plan to do PT was changed but I must say after this call I feel motivated as ever. My recruiter checked my weight and I am 168 lbs. For those of you that don’t know me, I started my weight loss journey back when I had first met with my recruiter around March of this year. I was 190 lbs- the most I have EVER weighed. I just returned from Las Vegas on Tuesday morning so I was SHOCKED that I lost weight instead of gaining. My recruiter was pleased. My max weight for my height is 175 lbs and she told me that usually they want us to be 10 lbs under our max weight so I am getting there! Another very exciting part of this DEP Call was receiving my letter of acceptance and certificate of enrollment into the Community College of the Air Force. In short, the CCAF is a federal program offered by the Air Force which grants two year Associate of Applied Science degrees in association with Air University. You can read more about the CCAF here.  I can’t wait to one day say, “I have a degree”.