A little update on my Quick Ship situation. Quick Ship is basically like being on a cancellation list- if for whatever reason someone can’t ship, that slot opens up and you have a chance to ship at an earlier date.

Last week I got a call from my recruiter saying a spot opened up to ship August 28th under a Guaranteed General Aptitude Area. Many say that by going in “Open General” you have a better chance at receiving a Medical job- BUT this is not guaranteed. Unfortunately my braces treatment had been extended to August 29th. I’ve paid A LOT of money for these braces and my teeth have come a VERY long way- I don’t want to risk removing them before it is recommended. I also scheduled a CLEPP Exam for August 30th that I cannot reschedule. The CLEPP Exam is an exam offered by colleges allowing you to test in a subject you already know in exchange for college credits without having to take the full course. I wanted to do this because I am only two credits away from being able to enlist as an E-2 Rank. Passing this exam will give me 3 credits. So I let my recruiter know that I can’t ship the 28th and luckily they were able to take me out. I am kind of bummed that I was taken out for October 2nd, I was starting to get excited about the intel job I had received. I have to wait for the August job list to come out which should be within the next few days or so. Then from there I will receive a new ship date (Fingers crossed for October/November) and a new job (Fingers also crossed for something medical or Emergency Management). But everything happens for a reason and I have faith that whatever God has up his sleeve will be beneficial to my future in the Air Force.