As I stare at the title of this blog post, I laugh a little inside because I am anything but fit at this moment. But hey- gotta start somewhere. I can’t say I’ve always been consistent with working out or eating healthy, and whenever I have been it’s either one or the other.


Back when I first started this whole process, I had heard about the Keto diet and decided to give it a go. I read countless articles and web pages about the diet and how to do it, etc etc. My first week I kept my carb intake at a strict 20g of carbs per day. Before this, I was eating 150g+ carbs per day. After week one and a scary hypoglycemic attack- I upped my carb intake because I needed to do what I felt was healthier for my body. I aimed for under 50g of carbs per day but stayed around 35/40g most days. I ended up losing 20lbs and meeting under goal weight in time for me to goto MEPS- all without exercise. While I didn’t follow strict Keto and did my own dirty version of it- it worked for me. After MEPS I’ve definitely been way more free with what I eat and I definitely need to go back to keeping track of my carb intake. I recently joined a new gym that offers classes and is very close to my house. Signing up for classes is also super convenient and done through an app on my phone. I feel like classes is something I need because there’s just that accountability. Right now I’m down in NC visiting my family for a couple of weeks but when I return home, I will be making some big lifestyle changes to prepare myself for BMT.

Healthy Eating

I’ve gained back around two pounds since falling off of the dirty keto wagon. While this isn’t a ton of weight, I will certainly be tracking my carb intake again to try to lose ten extra pounds before BMT. I plan on ordering at least five meals per week again through a local meal prep company that now offers a keto menu. Making breakfast and a quick lunch are usually easy for me to do, dinner I usually struggle with because by the time I end my day I’m just about ready to eat anything and everything in sight. I also am going to start eating three meals a day with two glasses of water at each meal- I hear this is how it’ll be at BMT so I want to be as prepared as possible by eliminating my snacking habits.


My new gym has released their Fall class schedule and I’ve already drafted my own personal class schedule based on that. I’m going to aim for at least two cardio classes (cycling, zumba) and two strength training classes per week. In addition to my four classes per week, I’m going to start going to my local high school’s track once a week to run. Before every class I plan on running on the treadmill for 20 minutes (plus a five minute warm up and cool down). My biggest fear for BMT is the PT. Everyone has told me not to worry because they will work with you but I can’t help but worry. I’m hoping that the strength training classes will help me with my push ups and the cardio will help with my running.