NINE. TEEN. DAYS. Eeeeeeeek!

I am so excited. I am so nervous. I suck at push-ups and running still.

But…. I got this.

I’ve never wanted something so badly in life and cannot wait to officially be an Airman and make my friends and family proud af.

I still have to sell my car, pack my bag and hopefully get my running and push ups down before I leave. I’ve put together a binder with my certifications, transcripts, etc. to bring with me to BMT. This is especially important for me because I am going open general and will need these things when I goto job counseling. I also made a list of jobs I’m interested in and assignment location preferences so I don’t feel pressured and go in to this as prepared as possible. The jobs I’m interested in are listed below:

  • 4NX01- Aerospace Medical Service
  • 3E9X1- Emergency Management
  • 4R031- Diagnostic Imaging
  • 4A031- Health Services Management
  • 1C331- Command Post

The first three are definitely my top three picks and in that order. If I get my first pick I will be over the mood ecstatic. If not, that’s still ok. The way I look at it I’m going to be a part of the world’s greatest Air Force. And that on its own is a huge accomplishment. Plus there are ways out of a job I don’t like such as the NECP- Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program. Ultimately it’s a nursing school scholarship that upon completion allows you to commission as a Nurse Officer.

As far as assignment location preferences I’ve jotted down the following:

  • Pope AFB, NC
  • Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC
  • Shaw AFB, SC
  • Charleston AFB, SC
  • Nellis AFB, NV
  • Patrick AFB, FL
  • Moody AFB, FL
  • Langley-Eustis, VA
  • Aaaaaand my only overseas one: Aviano, Italy.

I’ve heard so many things regarding the BMT Dream Sheet (The list of base preferences you make at BMT). I’ve heard it’s all crap and I’ve also heard of people getting their number one picks. So I’m just going to stay positive and hope I get one off of my list.

I’ve uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel- it’s super short and boring. But I will be doing two or three more videos covering the topics of the 15 days brief, my BMT packing list and the day I leave for BMT. I will also try to write a few blogs on these topics as well.

See you all soon!