I am officially an operational member of the world’s greatest Air Force! Just last week, I finally completed Phase 2 of the 4N0 AFSC training and was awarded my occupation badge. For those of you who don’t know, Phase 2 of the 4N0 program is basically clinical rotations at a hospital. You get the chance to work in multiple different clinics/departments to include the Emergency Department, Intensive Care, Family Health, Labor and Delivery and many more. You have a packet of tasks you must accomplish and get signed off by preceptors in each department. Some tasks include starting an IV, giving intramuscular injections, performing an EKG/ECG and collecting blood specimens. The 4N0 scope of practice allows you to do so much more than a civilian EMT’s scope allows. My mother is a nursing school professor at a prestigious nursing school and she’s told me that they don’t even teach IVs in nursing school, which I find fascinating. I am so relieved to be done and am so excited to finally “begin” my career in the Air Force.

Now that I will have a lot more free time, I plan on posting on a more regular basis and FINALLY getting to the YouTube videos that I’ve been promising for months. In the meantime, please comment below any questions you may have about the 4N0 career field, what tech school is like or even BMT: